Body Shaping Cream

Brand Name: Blosom BS Cream
Pack Size: 50 gms

Blosom Body Shaping cream promotes more streamlined body contours. Enhance skin firmness and suppleness. Help to minimize the skin spongy and puffy appearance around the waist, abdomen, hips and upper arms. Tone and firm the surface layer of the skin.

To help reduce the appearance of Cellulite and restore firmness.

BLOSOMĀ® Body Shaping Cream which has been formulated for refining, contouring, firming and tightening body contours and muscle tone restorer.

It is Effective For:

  • For all women whether overweight or slim, with sponginess.
  • For all women who wish to maintain a toned & curvaceous body.
  • For the diet conscious.
  • For women with post pregnancy stretch marks.