Caramel Color

Caramel Colour is the most versatile Colour in terms of application and hence is one of the most widely consumed food Colouring ingredients in the world.

It is produced by heating food grade carbohydrates like Corn Starch or Sugar in a controlled environment and in presence of alkalis. The Colour is naturally stable in application conditions like acidity, direct light and high temperature.

Laksy Herbal manufactures more than 34 grades of Caramel Colour spread under 4 International Classes both in Liquid as well as Powder form.

  • E150a - Type I > Plain Caramel Colour
  • E150b - Type II > Caustic Sulphite Process Caramel Colour
  • E150c - Type III > Ammonia Process Caramel Colour
  • E150d - Type IV > Ammonia Sulphite Process Caramel Colour