Chlorophyll Color


imgChlorophyll is a green pigment that is found in all plants that are capable of photosynthesis and it has thus always been a component of the diet. However the same is derived from three main sources- grass, alfalfa and nettles. It is an oil soluble pigment that provides an olive green shade of colour.


imgCopper Chlorophyllin is obtained by the coppering of chlorophyll following its alkaline hydrolysis. The improved stability and brightness of Copper Chlorophyllin leads to its much wider use than chlorophyll as a food colour.

Both the above colours have focused uses and are thus used in Sugar Confectioneries, Mint based products, sauces, pickles, jams and dry mixes.

Product Range :

  • Chlorophyllin Colour – Water Soluble – 2% to 6 %
  • Chlorophyll Colour – Oil Soluble – 2% to 6 %