HVP Powders / Flavor Enhancers

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein or HVP is a natural flavor enhancer made from a range of Non-GMO protein sources like Soya, Ground Nut, Maize, Wheat and Rice. It is widely used in Food applications like instant food products, soup premixes, extruded snacks, noodles, wafers, seasonings, sauces, cold food, taste makers and snack seasonings among others.


  • Can be Used as an Alternative to MSG or Monosodium Glutamate
  • Rounds Up the Flavor of the Seasoning
  • Effective Salt Replacer
  • Flavor Binder
  • Meaty Profile and Umami Flavour
  • Clean Label as it is Natural and Safe

HVP is made through Acid Hydrolysis where the protein in the vegetable sources is broken down into their constituent Amino Acids. Among these Amino Acids is Glutamate which gives HVP its meaty and savory flavor profile. Since HVP is made from Vegetable Protein it is considered to be a Natural Flavor Enhancer. It can be used in various vegetarian products with meaty note and savory profile. It is also known to increase the protein content of the product where is applied.

  • HVP - Soya Protein
  • HVP - Ground Nut Protein
  • HVP - Wheat Protein
  • HVP - Maize Protein
  • HVP - Rice Protein
  • Soya Sauce Powder