Spray Dried Fruit and Vegetable Powders

Laksy Herbal manufactures a wide range of Fruit & Vegetable powders using our unique "Low Temperature Spray Drying Process".

We source the best and the freshest fruits, vegetables and condiments and process them at our Plant where they are washed, sorted, converted in to pulps, concentrated and later Spray Dried.

We maintain the integrity of these Fruit & Vegetable Powders without adding any synthetic additives, flavors or concentrates to them. This gives our products distinguishable Colour, texture and taste.

Our Products offer longer shelf life and versatile uses, making them a healthy substitute to actual fruits and vegetables in different food and beverage applications.

Our powders do not contain any synthetic additives and are also free from any harmful chemicals or substances. They are fully traceable and adhere to highest norms of Food Safety and Hygienic Conditions.

Fruit and Vegetable Powders Applications

Vegetable Powders Applications